Lucca Comics & Games (last part)

I’m sorry I took so long, there’s so much to say and I’m so slow~
Anyway, here’s the end of the story, the Sunday.

Another day I woke up early, and noticed some of my rommates were still sleeping and one of them was in the bathroom. I had to do my make up in the dark, with the light of my phone.
Pros of being always late is that you’re able to do your make up in extreme conditions. I can draw a perfect winged eyeliner in the metro so I can do this ^-^

I didn’t have to deal with the crowd in the morning the day before, but it seems Sunday is the most busy day for Lucca.

OK, now it looks like a busy day of a con.
And the cosplayers are still having fun.


Yes, it’s a chainsaw.

I’m even lucky enough to witness a Walk of Shame hahaha

I spent my morning to hunt all those awesomes cosplayers and I found quickly Alex and the gang~

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

So many people took their pictures. I can understand because, once more, they’re awesome as Rise of the Guardians group, this time!


We met one of the Inside Out groups and they took cute pics
That’s what I love about cosplay or cons. You just go and meet new people and take nice or funny pics, that’s so simple. You know you share the same passion and you’re just here to have fun. That’s so simple.

And soon, more Guardians join them


Sandy/Elisa was the always cute smiley one (and I love her bagggggg) and Bunny/Serena kept losing her eggs with a heartbreaking face of dispair ;_;
You can totally see white-shirt Bunny has some Eret inspirations but that’s awesome.

I had absolutely no will or energy for this day so I just stick to the Guardians crew, not understanding a word of their conversations (actually I caught some words but Italian is such a fast-paced language >_<)
We moved a few times in the day, it was perfect.
DSC08377.JPGNot for Tooth/Frederica though. It was really windy in the heights and she almost flew away for real. We helped her holding her wings and she had to crab walk so they won’t break.

Alex introduced me to Leonardo, another great HTTYD cosplayer (Leo Light on Facebook). I unfortunately missed him in cosplay the day before. We chatted a little in English.
I also talked with Vittoria, the Valka from the Saturday. She wants to be a cartoonist and yep, she’s pretty talented.


There were a lot of children in cosplay. Not crying or yelling or pulling a tantrum or being rude like I often see. They were so cute, with sparkling eyes, asking shyly for a picture. And their costumes were quite on point *_*

Later we moved again in a nice and quiet place so everyone could have more complex pictures.
It’s getting colder and how those people in their too light/too hot/uncomfortable cosplays still look good remains a mystery.

It’s also getting darker and the moment to part is coming soon. I’m not sure if I’m happy to go back home or sad to rediscover normal life.
We say goodbye to each other after a collective hug (for warming purpose).
Ce n’est qu’un au-revoir!

gottagoGood thing it was over. I think my body and my brain couldn’t take it anymore, and my English was getting more and more broken.
My Nintendo 3DS not either. The battery was low and I knew later I left my charger in Paris T_____T

But, hey~




At the hotel, I’m only thinking of sleeping soon, because my flight is at an insane time. Not that insane actually but I forgot to check twice.
When suddenly, through the door….

… DU FRANÇAIS. Il y a des francophones dans mon dortoir!!
I say francophones because two are actually French and one from Canada. They came to visit Toscana and they heard about Lucca.
just Lucca.
The town.
They had no idea of what was going on that weekend. They had a weird surprise when they arrived and seen cosplayers everywhere. Especially because they’re not familiar with the cosplay/anime/conventions world. I’m laughing at their story but also feel sorry for them, they could not fully enjoy their visit.

I ruin my sleeping schedule a little more and set my alarm clock to 3.30AM thinking again « what I was thinking?? », knowing I’m working from noon to 7PM.

This time I’m going to the airport by walking. I’m sure I’m on the right way because I’m on the Via dell’Aeroporto. I pass by a futurist condom vending machine with a round-ish design and lights everywhere so you can’t miss it… But after seeing salami in the station’s vending machines, nothing surprises me anymore…


[sad violin]





There’s an expression in French « avoir les boules », literally « to have the balls ». It means « to be frustrated ».






As I said I forgot to check my departure time and it was not 6-something, it was 6.55. I arrived at the airport at 4, so I made my little vlog to kill time.
I couldn’t even find a coffee dispenser. I had to make do with a cold Coca Cola, in the fresh morning.

I lose again my dignity in the security check, taking my shoes and my belt off, passing through the doors in socks and holding my pants. Seriously, this is a legal bullying >_<


Beautiful sunset on arrival, beautiful sunrise on the way back. Things have come full circle/La boucle est bouclée!



Still no O-Zone guys T___T

I have again annoying children eating and talking loudly in my back and the pilot happily informs us that it’s currently 4°C in Paris. Nice…

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

To end this last post I’ll steal Clafou Tea’s idea and make an excitement curve ♥


Thanks again to everyone who made this festival awesome and for making these days worth it. I’m still sorry for my lack of interesting talk and for following you all like a lost puppy.
I hope to discover more cons outside Paris and come back to Lucca~


Lucca Comics & Games (part 3)

Last part of my trip~ (well, almost)

We were at the moment I came back to my hotel in Pisa. After a shower and putting on more comfortable and warm clothes, I’m determined to pay a visit to the Leaning Tower. AT LEAST. The hotel provides handy maps with sights and useful directions.
The Tower is 20 minutes walk away from the hotel, after a nice shopping street and crossing the Arno (about that I must say that the Seine banks looks much better, sorry :D ). There are many beautiful buildings, but I was too lazy to shoot them all.

There was an artisan market under the first building, one was selling hand-painted lockets with fairy tales and children’s stories themes. I definitely should have take the Little Prince one.
Also, this window in the shopping street…


Too bad it was closed T_T

And finally…
Too bad the lighting wasn’t at its best. There are several beautiful pieces of architecture here.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

It’s weird how this place is empty at 9.30 PM-ish. I guess November 1st (we’re on October 31st) is also a holiday here. Poor Tower-chan looks lonely in its unflattering white lighting. I’m almost sorry to leave then, but hey, I have to wake up early. And I’m starving.
On my way back I managed to get lost. On a straight way, yep. I’m that smart.
None of the 613847 pizzerias I passed by tempted me. I didn’t feel like sitting alone.
But then there was this snack bar. I decided to get in and took a tomatoe and mozarella flat sandwich (called a focaccia)
One of the best sandwich I ever ate.
giphyLike, Italian tomatoes, man. I’m pretty sure they grow in fairy dust with unicorn poo as fertilizer.
When I finished it I was ready to go back and have another one.
In this snack bar, there was a wall covered in writings and doodles. The kind of wall where anyone can write so I left my mark~

Just one more part to go~
I have too many things to say about a weekend >_<

Lucca Comics & Games 2015 (part 2)

Part 1 here


sorry not sorry

Let’s go back in Italy for a few moments.
In the last post, I left you at the Friday night, slightly upset and anxious. After a good night, some answers (I know where both stations are and I have my room), and knowing I won’t have to carry my bag, I’m in a better mood to face the Saturday~

For this day, I have planned a pastel and black cute outfit, which made one of my roommates ask « cosplay? ». Eh, not really. I had a hard time explaining I always dress up that way. A hard time considering she wasn’t speaking English or French, and I don’t speak Italian.
I was surprised that she didn’t know about Japanese fashion, because here in France, everyone has seen something about « kawaii » or Lolita fashion… Someone will later explain to me that the Harajuku communauty in Italia is very small and this fashion is not popular. Explains why I haven’t seen anything on this theme in Lucca, only a couple jewelry designers.
↑↑ also explains why I felt so lost!
But the positive part, in the streets nobody frowned at me, nobody commented on my outfit and that’s relaxing.

After getting a coffee and a croissant filled with marmelade (WHYYY?), I head for the station♥
It’s filled with cosplayers, I feel at home despite the creepy voice on the PA system. I sneak to get a seat (I’m used to do that haha), and a child sits down next to me. His mother stands by him and explains « her space. your space » because he sticks his elbows in my sides. Education, yeah!

The con is less scary in the sunlight. I get my useless bracelet with my pre-sale and see cute promotional pins. I ask for the price but they’re not to sell. (Sob.) They’re for the staff.

So, today mission one: enjoying the con. mission two: finding my friend.. Mission two 1/2: finding How To Train Your Dragon cosplayers.
The said friend is famous for cosplaying Hiccup from HTTYD so the other ones probably know him.

« Of course we know him », implied « where have you been? »
But nobody could tell me where ninja-Alex was…
During my searches, I noticed that cosplayers here were a little different than in France: there is SO MUCH variety, you don’t find only popular characters and trends. There’s litteraly everything.
And these cosplayers have a lot of humour. I’ve seen everyone having fun and being dorky and take funny pictures, fooling around for the videos…
The fact that this con is outdoor may have played a part in this chilled atmosphere. It’s true, being ouside freely breathing and enjoying the wind and the sun is very different from the stifling halls of indoors crowded cons.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

I put all the pics I took on a Facebook album.

I also enjoyed wandering in the town, where there was no animation and fewer people.
French people who throw your waste on the floor, I have bad news for you. Thinking about a con in a town like that, I said to myself « oh my god, they’ll put the town upside down » but no. Everything remained clean, people were well behaved in the streets and in the local shops.
Those local shops seemed to enjoy the festival. They even made special windows and added costume and cartoon/anime themed goods to their usual stock.
I think it’s unconceivable to plan such an event in France, considering how people in cons behave. (you should see the floor of Japan Expo on Sunday. You can’t even tell which color were the carpets)

Wandering once again in the area where Alex was supposed to be, I FINALLY see that big haired head and his entirely remade Hiccup cosplay, and his friends as other characters from How To Train Your Dragon~


I’ve never been able to draw male characters but I tried and therefore no one should criticize me

I’ve probably been a little rude, greeting him half happy, half angry, but hey, it’s really good to see a familiar face.
whereOf course I am mostly angry at myself for getting the wrong phone service and not planning a meeting. I’m not long to ask for a group picture because everyone looks awesome and you can tell they worked hard.

I’m a crap at taking pictures.
You will find much better ones on Alexander’s FB page ☆ Go follow him!

I don’t want to leave them, but unfortunately it’s already late and we are all tired. That was some kind of a hello-goodbye, but now I know where they hang out. I won’t need all day to find them!

So, same thing as Friday. Sneaking in the waiting line to get the first train and a seat.
A word about the train. The staff had been very clever and put huge signs with the destinations, and some staff are here to direct the lines and prevent people from pushing. Also they put double deck trains.
On Friday and Saturday, they didn’t gave a flying fuck about tickets. I forgot to obliterate mine and nobody asked.
RER B, I’m looking at you with your chaotic handling and all your staff resquisitioned at the ticket gates.

The day doesn’t stop here, I didn’t go to sleep immediately, but you’ll have to wait for the last part~ See you soon!!


Lucca Comics & Games 2015 (part 1)

Je vais essayer au maximum de rédiger cet article en anglais, pour que les personnes que j’ai rencontrées sur place puissent le lire, ainsi que toutes mes connaissances ne parlant pas français.

I will try my best to write this post in English so everyone I met there and my non-French contacts can read it.

I am warning you. It will be long, and I will cut it so you won’t get bored (^-^)

As I said in my previous vlog, I decided at the last minute to go to Lucca Comics and Games, at the beggining of November. This is a festival about comics, animation, illustration and games, and it takes place in the fortified town of Lucca in Toscana, Italy. I’ve heard about it by Italian contacts and it seemed fun. At the same time, I needed a few days away, so it was perfect.

I struggled a lot to find the cheapest way to get there, but the most convenient was still low cost flights.
So I took a flight to Pisa, which is less than one hour far from Lucca.
I worked on Thursday, and my flight was in the early afternoon on Friday. I had some time to pack my bag…


I can’t draw comics but I’ll do it anyway. Please be kind~

I was all stressed out, it’s the first time I take a plane alone, and go abroad alone. I was in the Orly airport (no I won’t make that joke) 2 hours early which is quite unusual for me (late is my middle name).
Then after a lunch at Starbucks, I am ready to board and I am luckily in the window seat ♥


I feel scammed. Where are the O-Zone guys??

We’ve got a beautiful weather and seeing both countries from the sky is really interesting~
The Pisa airport is small. Actually, Pisa is a small town, and I had no idea back then. I took a bus shuttle directly to Lucca so I wouldn’t waste any more time, because it was almost 4PM. I had to wait 1 hour because I missed the previous one. What I didn’t know is that the train station is like 10 minutes far by walking…
A man comes closer, seemingly arguing on the phone. He opens the door, starts up the bus, still on the phone, lets out a « Lucca eh? », manoeuvres to get out of the parking, still on the phone and finally finishes his call, driving at an insane speed on small roads.
But, luckily, the ride was wonderful and I had one of the most beautiful sunsets I ever seen. The sky was pink as we rode up the mountains.


[agressively shoots everything in sight]

Arrived in Lucca, I discover the firsts stands, music, a giant hot-air ballon and all this is insanely huge.


trkl oklm


This map was on the printed ticket and made me think it was a rather small town. NOPE NOPE NOPE

I also discover I bought presales for nothing because this is to access to exhibitions, autographs etc… but you can freely wander inside the con/town without it.

And that’s the moment where I started to say « What the hell I was thinking? What am I doing here?? »
It’s so crowded, my bag is heavy and the only person I know there is a cosplayer friend, nowhere to be found. Of course the extra I subscribed to phone internationally is not working.
I can’t do anything enjoyable in this state of mind, and I should find my way back to Pisa. I just try to spot the different areas and how the con works globally and I go.

The people at the welcome desk have been really kind and helping, and gave me a bigger map. But I still have no idea of where to go. Time to use my English with that terrible French accent.


Even the people who don’t speak English have tried to help me and told me in which direction I should find the station. Everyone here is really kind and patient with a lost foreigner.
I don’t quite remember my first trip back to Pisa, I was half-asleep in the train.

Pisa, here I am! Tired but alive!!
In the station, there’s a « Mac Donald’s snack pizza », just in case I forgot in which country I was… Anyway, I go to my hotel which is really easy to find. Get out of the station, then straight to the right until you see the colorful walls of Hostel Pisa.

This is a youth hostel, really convenient for backpackers. I chose this one because this is the cheapest yet it has the best feedback.
The staff is very nice and explains kindly how everything works. Some customers are having fun at the bar but I really need some sleep.
I quickly greet the other girls in my dormitory and sadly notice the only available bed is on the top. Il va y avoir du sport…
i just throw the sheet and the blanket, set my alarm clock, roll up and fall immediately asleep.

That’s all for the Friday ☆ See you soon!

Vlog n°9: Lucca Comics & Games 2015, Réaction à chaud

Hello. J’ai malheureusement eu très peu de temps libre ces derniers mois et ça ne va probablement pas s’arranger dans ceux à venir.
Mais je ne pouvais PAS ne pas parler de la convention dont je reviens tout juste, Lucca Comics & Games, en Italie!!

Un article plus détaillé viendra, c’est promis mais là j’ai vraiment besoin de repos, je suis à plat de chez A Plat  T____T

Vlog n°8: Aziz, lumière!


Hello tout le monde, et avant tout bonne année!

Ca fait 3 mois qu’il ne s’est rien passé ici, oui, je sais. J’ai été un peu surbookée sur mes week ends, et ceux où je n’avais rien de prévu m’ont servi principalement à ne rien glander, sous ma couette, en pyjama.
Autre excuse, moins bidon cette fois: la nuit qui tombe à 16h de fin novembre à début janvier, enfin si on veut parce que par moments j’ai l’impression que le jour ne s’est même pas complètement levé…

Cette fois, on se retrousse les manches et on va damidoter!
Il n’est toutefois pas question de maroufler ici, on va surtout parler éclairage. N’ayez pas peur, moi non plus je ne suis pas électricien (j’ai même pas été foutue de changer un fusible, c’est dire!), il n’y a aucune manip difficile dans ma réalisation que vous allez suivre directement.

L’édition de la video est dégueulasse, les coupures sont assez hasardeuses et les transitions moches. J’utilise toujours Movie Maker et c’est vraiment pas adéquat pour un timing précis.

La musique à la fin de la vidéo est tirée de la bande originale du premier film Dragons (How to Train Your Dragon) de Dreamworks, par John Powell. Il s’agit de « Forbidden Friendship« 

Vlog n°7: Review Jule et Lili

Septième vlog (déjà?) et troisième review!
Cette fois je n’ai pas été chercher loin puisqu’il s’agit de créateurs bien de chez nous, Jule et Lili. Parce que tous les français ne fail pas quand il s’agit de faire du kawaii~

Le site:
De là, vous avez leur Facebook, leur Twitter et les boutiques en ligne. On peut commander depuis Etsy ou A Little Market suivant ses préférences et si l’on est inscrit à l’un ou à l’autre. Les deux se valent.

Un mot sur les autres accessoires que je porte:
Les colliers viennent, dans l’ordre, de Didepux (Grèce) qui fait beaucoup de laser cut,
Holley Tea Time (USA) qui donne plutôt dans la résine et maintenant fait des collants et vêtements imprimés,
et Follow The White Rabbit (France), bourrée de talent, fait un peu de tout, des imprimés super choupis aux vêtements pour pullip, en passant par tout plein de choses qui mettent des paillettes dans les yeux.
La broche vient de Mad & Kawaii, qui fait un peu de tout et surtout dans différents styles, mais toujours mignon et décalé!

Dessine-moi un wesh

Débat intéressant soulevé plusieurs fois sur les réseaux sociaux, notamment suite à cette vidéo

A la base, même en dehors du milieu Cosplay/Otaku/Harajuku, le « wesh« , anciennement « wesh wesh« , encore plus anciennement « racaille » c’est un individu entre 15 et 25 ans, souvent issu des cités, souvent habillé en survêtement ou au pantalon en bas des fesses, au langage peu châtié à base de pénétration anale et de prostitution, et surtout, qui va chercher à provoquer toute personne lui paraissant en position de vulnérabilité.
Le wesh se trouve principalement au pluriel: il se déplace en bande car c’est bien connu, le QI, ça s’additionne. On peut parfois tomber sur des spécimens isolés, mais le wesh a besoin de public et d’une position de force.
En bref, quand le wesh est seul, il ferme sa gueule.

Cependant, de plus en plus, on assiste à des abus de langage dans la communauté et toute personne de moins de 30 ans qui va provoquer, insulter ou agresser un(e) fan de culture japonaise (ou appartenant à toute autre communauté « underground ») sera automatiquement qualifié de wesh.

Mais le wesh, c’est qui?

Derrière ce terme se cachent des idées pas toujours avouables de racisme et de classisme (discrimination basée sur la classe sociale), voire d’élitisme.
Le stéréotype du wesh est encore et toujours le jeune désoeuvré qui crache par terre dans sa ZUP ou ailleurs, en survet’-baskets-casquette-capuche, d’origine africaine, qui « finira au chômage ou serveur chez MacDo » parce qu’il ne peut pas faire mieux. Ce même stéréotype véhiculé par les médias que nous haïssons pour leurs raccourcis faciles.
Vous voyez le problème?

Je vais vous donner un autre élément de réponse.

Pour parler de mon expérience personnelle et de celle de personnes avec qui je suis en contact, les auteurs de ces regards-insultes-agressions ne sont pas systématiquement « issus de milieux défavorisés », « avec des origines », « musulmans », « bougnoules », « insérez-ici-expression-politiquement-correcte« .

Je n’ai certainement pas le même vécu que la jeune fille de la vidéo étant donné que je dois avoir pas loin d’une dizaine d’années de plus, je n’ai donc plus à subir de moqueries au collège ou au lycée, donc le contexte diffère quelque peu.
Sans prétendre avoir fait d’étude statistique exacte, parmi les personnes qui m’ont agressé verbalement ou physiquement, il n’y avait aucune origine ethnique ou sociale dominante. J’ai même envie de dire que la plupart de ces imbéciles avaient plus l’air de sortir de LOL* que d’Intouchables. Pourtant j’habite un quartier dit populaire et je passe bien plus de temps à Barbès qu’au fin fond du 16e.

(*que j’ai pas vu et que je n’ai pas envie de voir)

De mon côté, ce ne sont plus les ados qui s’en prennent à moi, mais des adultes sensés être réfléchis et matures, souvent mêmes pères et mères de famille. Des gens bien propres sur eux, le genre de personne à s’excuser quand il dit merde, qui va au bureau tous les jours, paye ses impôts et va voter. Enfin surement, je ne sais pas…
Bref, l’individu raisonnable qui n’est plus motivé par le désir de provoquer, de chercher des limites ou par la colère de l’adolescence. Pourquoi? La peur de l’inconnu, de la différence? On parle parfois de la jalousie d’être coincé dans un monde routinier, mais est-ce vraiment le cas?

Aucun d’entre eux n’a été capable d’apporter une réponse quand je leur ai posé la question…

Alors mesdemoiselles, mesdames, messieurs, whatever, avant de généraliser, réfléchissez deux secondes et pensez que c’est exactement ce pour quoi nous nous en prenons plein les dents dehors. Regardez bien les gens qui vous insultent, vous risquez d’être surpris.
Voilà, je sais c’est un gros enfonçage de portes ouvertes,mais ceci fait écho à quelques belles âneries que j’ai pu lire dernièrement.

Vlog n°6: Shiro Cosmetics, déballage et test live

C’est déjà la rentrée, bon courage à celles et ceux qui reprennent le chemin des cours~
Pour moi ça ne change rien, mes études sont derrière moi (Dieu merci).

Voilà donc une nouvelle expérimentation de vlog: le test make-up. Malheureusement je n’ai ni la bonne lumière, ni le bon matos. Vous devrez croire sur parole ce que je déblatère dans la vidéo…
« Les » vidéos d’ailleurs puisque j’ai dû faire ça en deux parties:  mon compte n’étant pas « conforme aux droits d’auteur », il m’est interdit d’uploader des vidéos de plus de 15 minutes. Allez comprendre… (pour UNE petite minute de trop. Rage dans mon corps)

Tout d’abord, les liens de la boutique:
La page Facebook (où vous pouvez voter pour les couleurs du mois)

… Et comme je m’y attendais plus ou moins, on ne voit pas grand chose. Les paillettes et les nuances irisées et nacrées, en photo, ça passe très mal mais je vous mets quand même une photo avec et sans flash. J’ai mis les couleurs sur l’intérieur de mon avant-bras. Dans l’ordre:
Night Fury, Moon Prism Power, Eye Contact, Glowstick of Destiny, Alkahestry, Bog Body.


Vlog n°5: Review Bodyline

Voilà je ne vous avais pas menti, le nouveau vlog est déjà terminé!
Bon, en vrai je voulais attendre un peu pour la poster mais je suis trop impatiente…

J’ai fait de mon mieux pour la lumière, mais le temps n’arrêtait pas de changer, alors il y a des parties un peu sombres.
La vidéo est assez longue, j’ai essayé d’éplucher les articles au maximum mais si j’ai oublié quelque chose, n’hésitez pas à me le faire savoir. Ca m’aidera pour mes éventuelles prochaines fois et je me débrouillerai pour répondre au mieux ^^

A bientôt!